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Poetry and Thriller Author

About me

Hello from Jell,

Firstly, I would love to thank you for supporting me as an Australian Author.

I'm a mother, wife and have lived a colourful tough life. I have been at the bottom and found my inner strength to grow and move towards a more positive life. Time waits for no one which I know you can relate to. I have been writing since early adulthood but stopped to pursue life and raise my children. I now continue with my passion from where I left off. 

My writing comes from deep within my heart and I am dedicated to helping you connect with your emotions with my current and future books to come.

I also love to write for people whether they have a special memory with a loved one or a situation they would enjoy reading in a poem I can create a special piece that is forever cherished. 
When I'm not writing, I love to be in the outdoors, camping, 4x4 driving, exploring new towns, and being with family. Re-discovering my passion for writing has brought me so much joy in which I love to share with my readers. 

Poem Sneak Peak

Black Lives Matter!

For African Americans
Hardship began before birth
They have never been acknowledged
For their worth
Depending on the colour of your skin
Seems to decide whether people look within
Having coloured skin determines whether you're accepted
or whether you're rejected
Income is lower
Poverty is higher
Success to succeed
is their desire

Rightfully so stand tall with them
help them grow
unite as one
the world we will show
George Floyd the gentle giant
To his family and friend
she was reliant
Trying to turn his life around
Too little to late
His fate was crowned
An unarmed Black Man
Who died at the arms of the police
This kind of behaviour towards
Black people MUST cease
Unfortunately, life goes on
Without guarantees
Spread the love
Not the hate
I think this will be the ongoing debate.


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