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My Accomplishments

My work has appeared in literature books such as, The International Poetry Digest in two separate monthly additions. Also achieved the top 100 poems of the year and starred in Words of Love you.

I have published a range of poetry books, the first being Emotives Volume 1 & 2 and secondly Sounds of the World Volume 1 & 2. Also written fiction thriller books and non fiction ghost stories.

My poetry books will invoke your emotions and connect you to a situation you have previously encountered. It's powerful, and will give you strength and confidence to get through life's hurdles.

In progress I currently have a poem that has been created into a country song which is now with my agent looking for an artist. 
My Thriller novel is also being submitted to my agent to wishfully produced into a movie. 

Please subscribe and follow my below platforms.

Inktip - Featured on Stage 32  

Shawline Publishing - Janelle Barker

Facebook - Emotives Collection

Instagram - Jell Barker 

Podcast and Interviews

Please listen to my podcasts, videos and have a read of my interview and let me know your thoughts.


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